Dear Fellow Cartoonists,
After the meeting of the Pre-selection Committee on January 25, 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey, the finalist cartoons of the 11th International Tourism Cartoon Competition were specified. 138 cartoons in the adult category and 61 cartoons in the youth category were chosen for the final evaluation. The finalist cartoons will be displayed on the organization website between February 1 and 9, 2020 before the evaluation of the final selection committee.
When you see any similar, copy cartoon/s or received an award before, and any fraud cartoon/s among the finalist cartoons, please write to organizing committee (There are numbers on every cartoons, you can use numbers when you are reporting). Any objections to authenticity will be considered until February 9, 2020.
The finalist cartoons are displayed on this web page.

Youth Category:

Adult Category:

Please write to:

Dear Fellow Cartoonists,
The deadline for submission of the International Tourism Cartoon Competition was expired on December 31, 2019. You can see the list of submitted cartoons’ information according to “NAME-SURNAME”, “CATEGORY”, “COUNTRY”, “NUMBER OF CARTOONS” and “SUBMISSION WAY” on the web side of the competition. Please visit the web page, and if you sent cartoon/s, search your name in the table. If you have any error or missing on your submission, please write to the Organizing Committee until January 10, 2020. E-mail:

Web page of the Competition:
Submission List-2019 (Adult):
Submission List-2019 (Youth):

Categoría de adultos

Erster Preis Zweiter Preis Zweiter Preis

Kürşat Zaman

Konstantin Kazanchev

Serpil Kar
 lobende Erwähnung  lobende Erwähnung Profesor Atila Ozer Sonderpreis

Seyed Ali Miraee

Mete Ağaoğlu

Mahmood Azadnia


Categoría de los adolescentes


Erster Preis  lobende Erwähnung  lobende Erwähnung

 Elif Kayra Eşin
(edad: 12)

Emre Barut
(edad: 11)

Hayrunnisa Fırat
(edad: 15)

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